Why Community Connections?

  • Longevity

    Established 30 years ago, Community Connections is a leading Destination Services provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. We focus on delivering high touch, customized services to our clients.
  • Experience

    All of our team, both staff and consultants, are local residents. Many of us have been living in the Bay Area for a long time (some of us grew up here) so we understand the challenges faced when new to the area.
  • Knowledge

    We have a detailed knowledge of the housing market (often through personal experience) and can help guide clients through the rental process with a minimum of stress.
  • Expertise in the Education System

    We have an in depth understanding of the school system (many of our children attend local schools) and our Educational Program can provide the necessary local, in person support for clients making the transition from both out of state and from overseas. (We do not use a remote model for our schools assistance unlike other nationwide providers). We can assist with all aspects of schooling from preschools up to college level, both public and private.
  • Silicon Valley: A Specialized Market

    We understand the Silicon Valley High Tech mentality. We think nothing of working in a very fast paced market, being surrounded by the latest technology or driving on a road with a couple of Google cars or someone experimenting a totally different car we have never even seen before! We are exposed to technology and what may seem ”weird” or “strange” to other people in other parts of the country, is completely “normal” to us here in this area.
  • Networking

    Collectively, we have a large network of both business and personal contacts in the area gathered through many years of living here. If a client is considering an area/school we can speak to it directly from personal experience or if we cannot, we usually can arrange to connect the client to someone who can. We try to connect like minded people/groups (for example we have an Irish group who arrange regular meet ups and have also set up numerous clubs and groups throughout the years, many of which continue to thrive)
  • Team Work

    We are proud to be part of a tight knit team. We organize regular get togethers with our consultants so we have the benefit of knowing each other very well and can hand select the best person to assist a client based on their needs, requirements and personality. Our management team support our consultants closely and can talk to the local challenges based on first hand experience.
  • Local Resources

    As Bay Area residents, we have an in depth knowledge of all aspects of Bay Area living including things to do (for example, do you like Jazz? Let me share with you the wonders of the annual Los Altos Jazz Festival!), parks, food and restaurants, shopping, commute patterns (we are experts on traffic), farmers markets etc. It is often the “minor” things that turn out to have the biggest impact on a client and we can help streamline the settling in process. This is a unique advantage for us which someone working remotely in another state cannot offer. Many of our team members are expatriates so we do understand the stress, challenges and struggles our clients are going through. We have been there and have lived the experience personally. We can help guide our clients through the process and reassure them that any bumps in the settling in process are just that – bumps! We provide them with the confidence to know that we are just a phone call away (or we can even drop by and meet them personally if they need our help).
  • Extended Business Hours

    We do not keep regular office hours. If you need assistance, you can reach us anytime, whether that is at 8pm in the evening, or on a Saturday or Sunday. We are always available to help our clients as needed.
  • Proprietary Library of Written Materials

    We offer highly professional, top quality written materials for our clients’ education which we regularly update with the latest information. A streamlined experience from start to finish (in person, phone, email, written information) is always our highest priority.
  • Local "On the Ground" Presence

    Our local presence ensures that we are immediately aware of any new developments or procedural changes implemented by the State of California, particularly within the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Social Security Administration. We are then able to quickly disseminate this information to our account managers and consultants in the field to ensure that our clients always receive the most accurate and up to date information.
  • Going the Extra Mile

    We offer extra services which other providers do not. For example: ‌• Advancing security deposits and rent monies to assist clients in securing a property quickly
    ‌• Use of our local office address for clients mail (often important when they are in temporary housing without a permanent address yet)
    ‌• Vetted referrals to local insurance agents, car brokers etc.
    • Streamlining of services to make the settling in process move as smoothly as possible (for example, advance booking of drive test appointments). These are just some examples which demonstrate the ways in which our locally based, client focused and flexible company can make a difference in the quality of service delivered to our clients.
  • Diversity

    We have many diverse nationalities on our staff and bring a wide range of cultural experiences to the table. Having people from a variety of countries on our team definitely makes a huge difference.
  • Continuous Training

    We pride ourselves on the training we offer our team at regular intervals throughout the year. Our training is local, in person, focused and directed which allows us to ensure that our clients receive the most accurate and personalized assistance.