Maggie Bening

Title: Account Manager, Real Estate Agent and Destination Services Consultant
Home State/Country: Iowa, USA
CALBRE #01068151

  • Maggie Bening

    With 16 years experience, Maggie is a veteran of the relocation industry. She brings a well rounded perspective to her job: 30 years of Bay Area living, plus prior jobs in real estate sales, mortgage lending, the title business and relocation consulting. In 2014 Maggie reinstated her real estate license, adding another layer of expertise to the information she can share with clients. When not working, Maggie loves to sample new restaurants and discover unique and unusual things to do in the Bay Area - insights she then passes on to clients. Indeed, helping people discover the many things that make the Bay Area such a fantastic place to live is what she likes most about her job.  Maggie is a graduate of the University of Iowa, and holds a degree in elementary education.