Lakshmi Ravi

Title: Account Manager and Destination Service Consultant

Phone: +1 408 893 1173
Home State/Country: India
Languages: Fluent in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam; working knowledge of Marathi, Gujarathi

  • Lakshmi Ravi

    Although a Bay Area resident for close to 20 years, Lakshmi still recalls how overwhelming things could feel when she first arrived in California. So, after a career that has included editing television series' and documentaries as well as a stint as a manager for youth programs, Lakshmi decided to turn her talents toward helping others make the adjustment. While Lakshmi works with a variety of clients, her language skills and knowledge of local Indian shops, restaurants and culture help many families from Lakshmi's home country settle more seamlessly into the Bay Area. Lakshmi holds a masters degree in mass communication from Symbiosis College in India, has her HR certification and holds a Certificate in Graphic Design. She loves to travel, read and listen to music.